• Bring your own Domains

    We don't believe you should pay extra for using your own domain, so we let you use it for free. It shouldn't cost you anything if it doesn't cost us anything!

  • Free SSL/TLS

    By using LetsEncrypt, we can serve your domain over SSL/TLS. We believe in a secure web for every website and that includes blogs. Your readers matter to us as well as you.

  • Responsive Sites

    Unlike our competitors, we provide modern sites which work equally well on mobile, tablets, and desktop browsers. We pride ourselves in our beautiful themes.

  • Optimized for Speed

    The modern web is bloated, takes ages to download, and is far too jumpy in our opinion. We specialise in making our sites load fast and take your readers on your journey faster.

Release Schedule

If you receive a lifetime discount code during the Alpha and Beta stages, that code can be used for eternity.
During this time we may also invite you to sign up and start blogging as part of our early access program.


Oct-Dec 2016


Lifetime Discount

  • Get Discount Code
  • Sign Ups Not Open
  • 5 Blog Designs
  • Limited Blogs
  • Standard Portal

Sign Ups
Not Yet Open


Jan-Mar 2017


Lifetime Discount

  • Get Discount Code
  • Invitees can Sign Up
  • 15 Blog Designs
  • Up to 3 Blogs
  • Fully Functional Portal

Usage FREE
During Alpha


Apr-Jun 2017


Lifetime Discount

  • Get Discount Code
  • Invitees can Sign Up
  • 30 Blog Designs
  • Up to 7 Blogs
  • Dynamic Portal

Usage FREE
During Beta


Jul 2017 Onwards


No Discount After Launch

  • n/a
  • Open Sign Ups
  • 50 Blog Designs
  • Team/Business Plans
  • API

Open Sign Ups